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Rock Star parking

Parking up close to the venue being visited.

I don't want to drive. I can't afford to give up my rock star parking spot.

by M Silvey July 12, 2005

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A dystopian punk genre that encompasses the prime elements of Americana culture including Fast-food, unwalkable sprawled cities, huge wholesale retail stores (See Walmart), mass consumerism, music that serves as means of commercial advertisement, uniforms as fashion, and corrupt government corporatocracy.

"Demolition Man is the quintessential Burgerpunk film!"

by xXxKimboSpice88xXx September 20, 2023

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any person who has a wide mix of european ancestory.

most americans are euromutts.
tom: i am french, swiss, english, german, irish, and finnish.
ben: i guess that makes u a real euromutt!

by rhys April 10, 2004

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protein spill

Any bodily fluid that reqires clean up such as vomit, urine, blood, feces. This term is used most often in theme parks.

Nicole: "Hey Thomas, we've got another protein spill in the third car!"
Patty: "God, if I have to clean up another pound of upchucked popcorn I'm gonna quit!"

by Nicole Joy July 1, 2007

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What the audience gives a comedian who's not actually funny, but says things they agree the f*** out of.

"He's not funny, but he's good at getting clapter."

by Mr Babbage May 5, 2023

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Accidental, unintentional contact between your naked arse-cheeks and another individual's naked arse-cheeks, resulting in a panicked moment of pause, sudden development of perfect posture on bolting upright, butt-hole puckering and the grunted "sorry" cough being elicited. Commonplace at such establishments as gyms or work locker rooms.

Two individuals standing side by side at neighbouring lockers.

Individual One: *turns to the right, bends over*
Individual Two: *turns to the left, bends over*

Arse-cheeks touch. Moonlanding has occured.

by traumageek May 18, 2010

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Yarling is the vocalization process of putting a hidden 'R' underneath every syllable in a lame way to sound soulful. Examples of bands that regularly yarl in their vocals; Matchbox 20, Nickleback, Pearl Jam

"Eddie Vedder is a yarler"

"Rob Thomas doesn't sing, he just yarls"

by griffinfuhrer November 5, 2005

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