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Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University (ASU) is a prestigious institution of higher learning located in the thriving metropolis of Jonesboro, Arkansas. This intellectual oasis is known for its cutting-edge research in fields like "Crop Dusting 101", "Underwater Basket Weaving", and "Advanced Squirrel Watching". ASU is the place to be if you aspire to be a fratty redneck, a shitty student athlete, a fucking fugitive terrorist, a socially inept autist, or a rugby player. You know you're at A-State when half the campus is decked out in Razorback gear, and the other half is wondering if they accidentally signed up for the wrong college.

"I got into ASU! Yeah, not Arizona State, but Arkansas State University. Close enough, right?"

by xXxKimboSpice88xXx September 5, 2023


A dystopian punk genre that encompasses the prime elements of Americana culture including Fast-food, unwalkable sprawled cities, huge wholesale retail stores (See Walmart), mass consumerism, music that serves as means of commercial advertisement, uniforms as fashion, and corrupt government corporatocracy.

"Demolition Man is the quintessential Burgerpunk film!"

by xXxKimboSpice88xXx September 20, 2023

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High Time Preference Americans

Business / Economics phrase for Black people

"According to our research analytics, our product has secured the market share of High Time Preference Americans. This appears to be a growing trend among Gen Z consumers."

by xXxKimboSpice88xXx September 7, 2023