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A couple is a pair of two people as boyfriend and girlfriend, boyfriend and boyfriend, girlfriend and girlfriend. A couple loves each other deeply and tell each other everything. Good couples don't lie to each other and tell each other how they feel, but bad couples can keep secrets from each other. A couple doesn't have any standard rules, it's just what works best for the two.

OMG!!! Amelia and Evan are such a cute couple together.

WOW! Gavin and Amelia are such a bad couple, their relationship is really toxic.

by TheTruthfulDefentions October 3, 2020

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two to fifteen objects or ideas of the same sort.

A couple of cookies, is fifteen. A couple of chores is two. QED

by Iramch Spittlinger June 17, 2009

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two people who like or love each other

ex a boy and girl who love each other and hangout together are a couple

by Bishyyy January 1, 2019

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2 people, who canoodle, and have extreme amounts of PDA (NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE AROUND!)

OMG, look at that couple. They have no shame haha

by TRUTH. October 17, 2014

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Refers to TWO things
Few is not interchangeable
Few refers to 3 or more things

Sean has a couple of fags who suck his clit every night.

by gofixyourbraindumbshiet November 5, 2009

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2 people who are together as a couple and in denial that they are in a relationship. This often means seeing each other alone and refusing to call it a date. Usually begins with going home early together after nights out and abandoning friends.

‘I found him outside and decided to leave. We’re just friends, not a couple

‘ I invited her round to chill tonight and eat dinner. We’re not a couple, we’re just friends’

by Psycgal April 1, 2019

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“I don’t just want your heart. I want your flesh, your skin and blood and bones, your voice, your thoughts, your pulse and most of all your fingerprints, everywhere.

Couple means together as in they are dating!

by TheBlueLeo April 21, 2019

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