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Dover, ma

dover is a very rich, very white, very small suburb of boston where all of the boys play lax and smoke alot of pot and all of the girls do coke so they can stay thin enough to fit into their 500 dollar jeans every day. the girls are generally huge bitches but are hot enough to get away with it, and the boys wear only polo and vinyard vines but claim to be straight. all of these kids are really preppy and really stuck up. the high school is public, but it might as well be private because it has about a 99.9999% college acceptance rate and sends an unproportionate number of kids to ivy league school every year. even the houses that arent the size of hotels are worth millions of dollars because the town is located the perfect distance from the city. most peopel who live in dover have summer houses on the cape or in nantucket.

dover, ma is notorious for breeding sexy blonde girls

by tbrow March 8, 2010

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Dover, MA

Dover MA is an extremely small town with a population of about 6000. It is prominently white; the percentage of white people in Dover is over 95%. Dover is one of the most expensive places to live in MA, if not in the country. The average price of houses sold in 2007 is over 1.1 million. Although many people say that this is a nice, small town with liberal, accepting people; this couldn't be any further from the truth. Dover is filled with an overwhelming number of Republican preps who have more money than they know what to do with. Dover-Sherborn Regional High School is also filled with many Republican preps. Not that all people whom are preppy and Republican are bad, but at Dover-Sherborn this is the case 9 times out of 10. There is a certain image to fit, and if you don't fit it you're life is going to be filled with torment at DS. Although there is not much physical violence, the amount of talking behind others backs is immense. Many say that people at DS buy a lot of drugs when really they wouldn't know good headies from okay middies if they saw them. The drug culture at DS is a joke. Kids pay for over-priced, low quality drugs and think that they're all that. Many of them are afraid to go into the city and afraid of blacks, because of what little exposure they've had to life outside of DS. The schools may be very good academically, but that's what private (liberal) schools are for. Not to mention Dover is in the middle of NO WHERE.

Non Dover Resident, "Hey, where do you live?"
Dover Resident, "Dover, MA
Non Dover Resident, "Man, I'm sorry. You can stay here whenever you'd like"

Non Dover Resident, "So, where are you from?"
Dover Resident, "Dover"
Non Dover Resident, "Where?"
Dover Resident, "East Bum Fxck"

Kid from other High School, "So how are the sports at Dover-Sherborn?"
Dover-Sherborn Kid, "They suck, but people are really good at making others feel unwelcome and excluded"
Kid from other High School, "Damn. Bet you can't wait to graduate."

by youthinkyou'resoclever August 18, 2010

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dover, MA

A dover housewife's biggest concern is whether to take the BMW or the Mercedes to the country club for lunch.

Its a known fact, everyone in Dover, MA has a Mercedes and a BMW!

by JCirizzle September 27, 2007

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Dover, Ma

A town full of many cliques. Most are from rich white families, though not all. And just like every other town some kids have it easier than others. Though I would have to say one must be very ignorant to believe that all of them have an easy life. They have a very good educational system, with many smart people in the town. It is a town in which one could find pot heads, coke head, and many other heads. It is a very liberal town, with a very accepting community. Though some are ignorant misinformed brats; others are very educated, informed, with high moral values. And just because your jealous is no reason to misuse the name of our town. Each family in this town has their ups and downs just as everyone else, many believe us to be stuck up brats. I suggest looking at yourself before you influence others to be prejudice for no reason. After all where you live does not define you.

look in the mirror... Dover, Ma

by Pen Pal March 2, 2009

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Dover, MA

A town of rich assholes, shitbags, and kids who have never seen the troubled side of life or made their own beds. They waste their life away by buying too much shit and a lot of needless cars and porn, and on occasion pot.

A child from Dover, MA has the option of choosing his very own customised sports equipment, assault rifle, 6 iPods, or 3 hummers.

by Joe Jose August 19, 2006

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