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Eddie Vedder

The front man to the only grunge band still around today because he is unbelievably kickass

"dude, isnt she hot."
"come on dude, thats Eddie Vedder"
"ahh, hes so dreamy."

by kyle November 5, 2003

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Eddie Vedder

n. a man who shares his feelings and insightful views through passionate and powerful vocals; a delicious perfect specimen of man with an adorable little body with sexy arms and the sexiest and most intense voice ever; GOD OF ALL.

v. to express oneself in a passionate and impressionable manner; to destroy George Bush and all evil with your monstrous voice

"Eddie Vedder's performance was like a religious experience for me. I now understand the meaning of life and will worship his godliness from here on."

"The world has been Eddie Veddered, and all poverty and suffering has been eliminated."

by Savannah Brier August 20, 2006

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Eddie Vedder

A San Diego-based rock star/surfer who took over the helm of the moribund, Seattle, grunge band Mother Love Bone and turned it into the mega-platnum, hit machine Pearl Jam in 1991.

Sang on the album Ten which was one of the five most influential albums of the 1990s (along with Nirvana's Nevermind, Dr Dre's the Chronic, Alice in Chains' Facelift and Slayer's Seasons in the Abyss)

Is an example of a good yuppie - rich but cares about the environment, ending racism/sexism/homophobia and electing liberal Democrats to office.

Used to swing from the rafters like Tarzan and give free concerts like the Day on the Green in Lawrence, Kansas, in 1992. (I was there).

"I'm Eddie Vedder, and I care about the environment."

Thousands of sexy chicks cheer and throw their panties on the stage.

by Assex 776 September 15, 2007

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Eddie Vedder

The most amazing man in the history of music. Almost godlike, ageless rockstar. The most gorgeous looking man on the planet. Lead singer of the best band ever.

Eddie Vedder is God.

by Eddies Girl March 15, 2007

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Eddie Vedder

Front man for obsolete grunge band.

Let me let you in on a secret. He is a millionare, supports Bush, and is basically part of the machine.

by Da NavisLonga X May 3, 2005

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Eddie Vedder

A guy that started singing rock music, then turned to folk and will fall asleep on stage one of these days

Please don't let Eddie Vedder come out to stage with jet lag!

by nantxo September 15, 2005

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Eddie Vedder

Eddie = E.D. = Erectile Dysfunction
Vedder = Small Balls

To be called Eddie Vedder is to be called "Man with Erectile Dysfunction that has small balls."

*************AT LEVI'S HOUSE********************

Prostitute: LOL!!! You have E.D. and Small Balls.

Levi: I may be an Eddie Vedder, but I also have $60, and you have a coke habit. So to quote 50 Cent, "Clothes Off - Face Down - Ass Up."

by M Dogg August 19, 2006

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