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Having Tea

The act of mating in a verbally incognito manner.

Dude, I can't talk on the phone now, I'm having tea.

by Arachnid November 30, 2006

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have tea with

equivalent to 'have sex with her'

I'm going to have tea with Keira Knightley someday.

by lemonavenue May 21, 2010

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Having a Tea Party

A secret way to say having sex around minors.

So my husband and I were having a tea party, last night.

by TxRah December 9, 2015

have some tea

An inside joke question, to which the proper responce is "Yes indeed".

Refers to an old wave file from a Bruce Lee movie.

Have some tea?
Yes indeed!

by Chris Paladino March 13, 2003

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I have an iced tea

When someone’s talking some bullshit and u gotta go

Person A- “so I have my colonoscopy tomorrow and I’m excited”

Person B-I have an Iced Tea”*proceeds to leave*

by Iced_tea122 October 25, 2022