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Matchbox 20

An adult-alternative band of the late '90s and early '00s. The have had many chart topping hits such as "real World", "Push", "3 a.m.", "If You're Gone", and "Unwell". The band consists of Rob Thomas (vocals, piano, accoustic guitar), Kyle Cook (lead guitar, vocals), Paul Doucette (drums, percussion, vocals), Brian Yale (bass), and Adam Gaynor (rhythm guitar, vocals). The group formed in 1996, and they have released 3 albums to date. Rob Thomas, Brian Yale, and Paul Doucette were all previously in the band called Tabitha's Secret before they formed Matchbox 20.

Matchbox 20 is a very experienced band that has both meaningful lyrics and kick-ass shows.

by 1039smthdoutnessas July 23, 2005

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Matchbox 20

The 20th matchbox. Anyone who uses a lot of matchboxes will know that it is vital to number every single one. The 20th matchbox, though the same as all the others, is still a matchbox worth having it's own definition on the urban dictionary. Contrary to popular beleif there is absolutely no relation between the phrase matchbox 20 and the recording artists Rob Thomas, Kyle Cook and others.

OMG you stole matchbox 20!

what do you mean 'am i here for the matchbox 20 gig?'

by Abdullah7278 September 20, 2006

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Matchbox 20

A popular alt-rock band with insiteful lyrics on many subjects.
<i>Yourself or Someone Like You</i>1996
<i>Mad Season</i> 2000
<i>More The You Think You Are</i> 2002

Matchbox 20 is known for hits such as "Real World", "If You're Gone", and "Unwell."

by JacoLnternSymtom November 5, 2003

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Matchbox 20

An orgy with 10 guys and 1 chick, and while the guys are doing her, they run matchbox cars all over her body.

Erica got rubber burn on her back from her matchbox 20.

by Graig the Great March 7, 2011

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Matchbox 20

A band that defined the generic sound of Contemporary Adult Pop music in the nineties. Tends towards simple melodies with a focus on the lead singer's voice.

I'm not crazy, I'm just really really dull.

by Domukaz July 4, 2005

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