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Rob Thomas

The lead singer of matchbox twenty who is too hot for life. Mr. Thomas went solo and released a CD in 2005. The CD rocked the socks of life and showed that Rob rocks. He won three grammys for his callaboration with Santana on the song Smooth. Mr. Thomas is married to model Marisol Maldonado and many fans choose to ignore this fact because Rob is just too hot.

Rob Thomas is too hot for life and is my future husband.

by Rob's Matchbox July 23, 2005

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Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas is the singer for Matchbox Twenty, and has recenty made a new album, named iSomething To Be/i He uses deep lyrics to connect the listeners to his songs.

IRob Thomas has singles like Push, and newer ones like "Lonely No More"/I

by LuigiAdept May 26, 2005

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Rob Thomas

A complete and utter oxygen thief.

Rob Thomas is another of today's talentless, gutless bitches who, for some bizarre reason, is supposedly a (if not THE) torch-bearer for contemporary singer-songwriters.

It would be easy to ignore this tosser as yet another creator of whingy, whiny, pass-the-Kleenex, "let's make music that millions of teenage girls will love and more importantly buy" crap. Unfortunately, endless tales of his song-writing genius are constantly rammed down our throats.

Well, if Rob Thomas is the spokesperson for our generation then Christ help us all.

Since his debut single with Matchbox 20 (at least in Australia) Push, every single song has been the same gut-wrenching tale of heart-break, woe and misery. Ever notice how every song is about how unwell/bent/diseased/generally fucked up Rob is? Ever notice how just about every line in every song starts with "I"? The world waited with baited breath when Rob cast off the shackles of his band and we were promised that, as a solo artist, Rob's full range of talents would be unleashed. What did we get? "I don't wanna be lonely no more..." Every song is overwrought with emotion, but the lyrics are like the bad poetry that freshly-dumped teenagers write and then burn immediately. What a one-trick pony. But then why change when there's the next wave of 14 year old girls to be hooked on his rubbish (and Pepsi too, the fucking shill)

By all means, have an angsty song, have an angsty album if you must, but an entire career? Even Alanis Morrisette got over hers.

We get the message, Rob. Why not try using whatever talent you have to make people feel better about themselves for a change?

And, by the way, most guys are NOT jealous of him. Not jealous of his dubious talent, and definitely not jealous of his looks. Any wonder he bangs on about being so unwell, he looks like his liver's failing.

Rob Thomas needs to be put into the same meat grinder as Ben Lee, James Blunt and all the other imitators he has spawned. See Ben Lee for more truth!!!

As the great Bill Hicks said, this is not a matter of taste or opinion. Rob Thomas sucks. End of story.

If life's so hard, Rob Thomas, don't whinge to us about it. Get off your arse and fix it!

by Choda Boy 57 August 20, 2006

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Rob Thomas

shitty singer for shitty band matchbox 20. made more shitty music by going solo.

dude they played rob thomas at my work yesterday and everyone was so pissed by the first 2 seconds.

by rob hater August 16, 2005

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the rob thomas

when you tool a girl up the ass and you have to think about rob thomas from matchbox twenty in order to keep yourself from cumming embarrassingly early.

kevin: you raw dog Karen last night?
tony: I did Kevin, had to give her the rob thomas too
kevin: fuck she must've been good
tony: she was, cant get 'smooth' by carlos santana outta my head now though

by gaz88 October 13, 2017

rob thomas

Singer, Songwriter, and Pianist. He was a part of the popular group "Matchbox Twenty" for about 8 years before he took a turn and released a well-to-do solo record, which put him further into the mainstream-flow. In the early '90's, he took the lead singer/co-songwriter positions for an obscure bar-band in the southern region known as "Tabitha's Secret", which broke up in about 1994/1995 due to disputes over whether or not they should sign to a major label - 3 out of the 5 members went on to form Matchbox Twenty (Rob Thomas, Paul Doucette, and Brian Yale). He is currently married to former Victoria's Secret model Marisol Malonado and has a young toddler by the name of Maison Thomas (who was conceived through a former-girlfriend). Oh yeah, he is one of the most talented musicians to ever grace this earth, he's very authentic, and he's one of the most electrifying musicans to play live. Ever.

You can spit-shine Rob Thomas all you want, but he'll still be the same old piece of tin.

by Jamie Rhea December 17, 2005

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rob thomas

A man who every single guy in America should be jealous of and wish they were him, because every single girl and woman in America likes him more than the man they're with.

He also happens to be a fine singer/songwriter/performer, formerly of Matchbox Twenty.

Never take a girlfriend to a Rob Thomas concert because you'll end up going home alone while she waits for 2 hours to get a glimpse of him coming out the back of the theater and get into his limousine, at which point she'll realize she has no chance and may or may not settle for you.

by Rob's envious fan April 23, 2006

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