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Super soft

Beyond the pale of limpness. Some men try to fold it in half and push it in but it just doesn’t work

The love-making was thwarted by Mr. Super Soft over there.

by ManleyGreaseMissile June 10, 2021

super soft birthday party

An extremely festive, childlike, and colorful birthday party thrown for an adult, with such things as balloons, cupcakes, ponies, etc.

Friend 1: Can we skip my super soft birthday party this year?
Friend 2: That's a hard no!

by Wun Hung Low April 16, 2022


Smoething that is at the same time super exciting and Delfin but also soft and quieting.

A fan: How do you find Spinetta's ascending and descending chord in the Socios del Desierto double album?
A Delfin: Super-soft.

A fan: How was the freestyling last night?
A coral: Super-soft.

by orionauts February 27, 2020

Super soft birthday

A bunch of weirdos getting together dressed as fairys

Let’s be fairy’s and party a super soft birthday party

by Word hod October 13, 2021

Super Soft Serve

The poop that comes out fast and soft after the "hard hat" tip of the turd passes through the rectum.

Wow! That came out some super soft serve. Good thing there was a hard hat on it!

by Gnat Masterson January 23, 2023