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That Girl

Known mostly on tiktok, "That Girl" is a girl (or any gender) that gets up at 5am, meditates, drinks smoothies, has showers every day, journaling, eating only healthy food, goes to gym every day,and is successful in many ways. This stereotype is typically on tiktok and films morning or night routines. Most likely rich too...

I want to be "that girl".

My goals in life is to be "that girl"
Oh so you think you're "that girl"?

by Mrspyramidhead1 June 19, 2021

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That Girl

Females who are frequently drunk before 11 a.m.,

live off Vodka and/or Wine, have fake tits, have fake tits all your friends have seen, black out often, and will text like it's their job.

-Bro 1: " I was at this bar last night and started talking to this girl, She started buying me shots and then took me back to her place."

-Bro 2: " oh no way, That girl! She was showing everyone her tits at the bar last thursday!"

by chayer April 2, 2010

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That Girl

Diamonds, Daisies, Snowflakes, That Girl.
Chestnuts, rainbows, springtime..
Is that girl. She's tinsel on a tree.
She's everything that every girl should be.

Sable, Popcorn, white wine, that girl,
Gingham, Bluebirds, Broadway.
She's that girl!
She's mine alone but luckily for you...
If you find a girl to love,
Only one girl to love,
then she'll be that girl too.


Basically a Show that premiered on ABC in 1966. Starring Marlo Thomas, a girl named Ann Marie moves to New York to commence her modeling career. Her boyfriend, Don Hollinger always wants to Marry her, but she wants to be a liberated woman. In the season finale, instead of him FINALLY proposing, they go to a woman's lib rally. Simply divine. -cry-

Anyways, yeah. This show was so powerful, I ended up named after Marlo Thomas. Woo and yay.

John: Dude. She's That Girl.
Henry: She's tinsel on a tree?
John: She's everything that every girl should be.
Henry: That was really queer.
John: Maybe we should lay off the Nick at Nite reruns.
Henry: Who can turn the world on with her smiiiilleeee..
John: Wrong show assface.

by Marlo. January 14, 2006

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That Girl

The girl everybody loves but nobody has the balls to ask out. Not to be confused with the whore who goes out with every other guy she sees, or the one who can't say no. Think Taylor Swift, puppies, and cupcakes with extra sprinkles.

Guy1: Hey see that girl over there
Guy2: Yeah that's Vannessa, she's 'That Girl.'
Guy1: I'm going too ask her out
Guy2: *chuckle*
Guy1: Yeah your right... It's not like I'm going to love her I'm just going to be a player and sext a ho 2 weeks into the relationship
Guy2: Exactly

by Rara jones December 31, 2011

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That Girl

n. (usually in reference to a female, however can also be used in the description of a particulary chochy male)
"that girl" is usually found alone amongst a group of guys, clearly reluctant to the idea of her presence, such as the only girl at her boyfriend's poker game, fully knowing that later her boyfriend will have to take shit from his friends for this. "that girl" can also be the girl wearing white at a sorority formal billed "all black." "that girl" will typically order her salad dressing on the side and then send her steak back to be re-grilled. "that girl" usually lacks moral traits such as loyalty, which can in turn lead to multiple and silmultaneous boyfriends, who almost certainly have already slept with their bestfriend. "that girl" is not necessarily a phrase used to describe a slut, however characteristics of "that girl" usually go hand in hand with those of a slut.

"that girl" is typically attracted to, if not dating, a choch.
"that girl" will also resort to such desperate measures as liking her own facebook statuses or comments.

"come on now, don't be 'that girl'"
"dude, your so 'that girl' right now"
"Quit playing dumb, your 'that girl'"
"im not 'that girl' just cuz i have two boyfriends..."
"only 'that girl' would say that"

by hollzbollz October 29, 2010

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That Girl

The girl who will sleep with two or more guys in a circle of friends in hopes that she will become one of their girlfriends. What she fails to realize is that they all talk about her behind her back, and would never date her. Why? Because they have no respect for her due to the fact that she can't seem to control the clamp on her legs.

"That Girl" is normally the slut of the group, but still thinks she is awesome and well liked. She thinks it is O.K. for her to sleep with these guys because they all have known each other so long and can trust them. When in reality, they swap stories and laugh.

"I would, but she's that girl and I don't want to put it where he put it."

by luckyfruit September 20, 2009

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Girl's girl

A girl who has respect for female etiquette. A girl who is not petty and strives to be ethical and decent in her dealings with her female friends.

Marie: Ashley just broke up with Josh, you should totally go for it!

Megan: Nuh-uh! Josh is totally off limits!

Marie: But you've been crushing on him for months.

Megan: So what? Ashley and I are friends. I'd totally be shitting on girl etiquette to go after her ex.

Marie: Wow Megan, you're a real girl's girl.

by SavariD December 10, 2010

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