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Me, see example for reason.

I once woke up my mate at 12:00AM to show him my completed rubiks cube!

by JayGee July 22, 2004

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a goony little bastard or bastardess who won't stop stalking their prey no matter how big the clues of pissed-off-ness there are.

Lucy is annoying.

by Anonymous February 1, 2003

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When someone calls you everyday at minimum and has nothing to say.

Person1:How's it going?

A few hours later

Person1:What're you doing?

A few more hours later

Person1: Hi
Person2:STOP FUCKING CALLING! (Your so damn annoying)

by somerandomguy789 August 24, 2009

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Of one who can be tiresome to deal with. To be bothersome to the point of exhaustion.

-Insert String of Pointless Comments-

by Uisho August 31, 2003

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irritating, frustrating, user-unfriendly, aggravating, and soulless-corporate-bureaucratic.

"It's annoying when, after Urban Dictionary publishes your definition, you look at the listing and notice that they listed a bunch of entrees ahead of yours that have more negative votes then positive votes, but they send the notification email from a no-reply email address, and when you write back to ask about this, you get an auto-reply message telling you that the address is not read by a human being."

by Lin Zhao January 24, 2013

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The ONE person that always asks a stupid or last questions when class is over and it's time to go home.

*bell rings*...everyone's packing up to go home.

*hand raises from stupid person*
"ummm...just one LAST question."

*glares*SO annoying.

by Sweetiee February 1, 2009

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someone who does something REALLY stupid excessively and even when noticing that the entire student body is pissed off whenever said person opens their mouth because they know something shamefully retarded is going to follow, the annoying person continues like everyone is their best friend. also mummbling and constant inward laughter are symptoms.

ezekiel: *ongoing rambling*

everyone else: SHUT UP!

ezekiel: *continues ongoing rambling*

everyone else: EZEKIEL! *groan*

ezekiel: *incoherent mummbling.*

by joanne g August 3, 2005

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