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A short term of getting drunk(hucked)

When you come in the house with a case of beer you half to yell "GETTING"

by Carpino May 6, 2005

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Get it Get it

A positive statement to pump someone up like a cheerleader. To achieve a goal. Reinforcement on the repetitive notion to achieve maximal greatness at the task at hand.

Kelli "I'm takin' two cookies"
Jami "Get it Get it!!"

by JaKell August 14, 2015

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Phrase encouraging whomever is listening to go ahead and move forward, doing whatever it is one is talking of doing without haste.

Brian told Bret, "Bro, if you gonna go get me my money you might ought to go ahead and get-that-in before I have to go".

by Nikki Stixx December 9, 2018

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Get getted

Get getted is a word only the true sigma chad man male from Danky Wanky uses to say someone has gotten got gotted. Sinner the sigma came up with the word on the 11th of september 2001 when he was drunk af. The word was first used on the chad Muhazz (Owner of Danky Wanky).

*Robért gets banned* Get getted.

by Unknown sorce milk man November 4, 2021

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Get by

Get by = manage

When someone has to manage sth or a situation

Fuck! It's getting worse and worse, I can't get by it anymore.

by István Dergecz Neto October 31, 2007

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getting in

Getting in is before you do anything sexual or romantic, it's the getting close and talking before hand.

"Are you and James getting in?"

by Googlybonbons February 9, 2015

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Get with it

To 'get with it' means to understand, to comprehend something or someone.

I really wish you would get with it, dude.

by OneBadAsp October 23, 2006

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