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a band that really sucks the penis.

Nickleback sucks my dogs penis.

by powermike5000 February 17, 2006

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Normally a homosexual act of leaving a small deposit of semen mixed with faeces left on the other males back after anal penetration. Generally similar in size & colour to a nickel.

I gave him (or my lover) a Nickleback.

by MarkyGeeGee June 12, 2009

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Generic white guy under 50. Used because the mere mention of the band elicits rage in white dude.

Hey nickleback, this music sucks.

Why do these fucking nicklebacks need to play acoustic covers of 90's R&B?

Hey nickleback, this music sucks.

Why do these fucking nicklebacks need to play acoustic covers of 90's R&B?

by teskar July 10, 2020


The very epitome of bubblegum pop shit. Chad Kroeger sounds like he’s sucking a giant squid’s cock. Honestly, I’d rather hear 100 hours of fart noises mixed with Nyan Cat than listen to 1 second of Nickleback. The guitar is autotuned as fuck, and you can barely hear the drums or the bass. The only good thing that Nickleback have done is that they’ve made a great cover of Sad But True by Metallica.

Virgin: I like Nickleback
The entire country: Fuck Nickleback. Even the White Stripes are better than this fucking crap.

by justinbieberisshit1987 January 4, 2022

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A practical joke where one purchases several Nickleback songs on the bar jukebox just before leaving. It's a way to ruin everyone's night by forcing them to listen to Nickleback without having to suffer through it yourself.

Bro 1: Man, who played all these Nickleback songs?
Bro 2: I saw Shirpo at the jukebox just before he left, I bet he Nicklebacked us.
Bro 1: That motherfucker....

by opmal October 19, 2015

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The act of sing or yelling while taking a large and painful crap.

I had to nickleback in your bathroom a minute ago. Sorry about the mess

by Cuntyvaginaboob May 2, 2011

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Shorthand for any terrible, redneck, cousin-fucking band using overblown vocals, unimaginative guitar riffs, clichéd lyrics an 11-year-old could write, and generally mind-numbingly boring, predictable musical devices in the vein of Creed, another horrifically unoriginal, grating band, but with shitty Christian lyrics.

"Hey sexy, I've got tickets to see Hinder, Blue October, and Finger Eleven..."

"Eww! Nicklebacks suck!" (Maces him and lights his mullet on fire)

by Pawelsky March 22, 2008

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