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a brand of make-up

fucking pervs

hey, sally, can you hand me my nudes pallet?

by otterpops July 25, 2017

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pictures of someone’s no no square

person 1: yo did you see jessica’s nudes
person 2: yea bro the whole school knows about it

by hadalski February 13, 2020

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respectfully ask a girl for a picture of her face.

damn the nudes were popping

by i respect women 12345 April 11, 2018

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nudes are naked pictures of your body. you usually send these to your love interests. boys and girls may ask you for them. nudes can also be leaked if you’re not careful

yooo, ally sent me nudes
nice dude

by Anonymousdragonlady December 29, 2017

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Nude pics a chick posts of herself in a forum. Often times if a hottie posts a regular pic, the other posters will keep asking for "nudes?" or "n00dz plz."

The pics thread was at the top with 300 users online. Some chick must have posted nudes.

by madmaxxx March 5, 2005

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the word nudes are used to get naked pictures of one's self usually used by teenage boys or men under 30.

send nudes

by iroo#2012 if you are mad dm me May 26, 2021

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a picture of something cute that anyone can send to each other! take off your clothes, take a pic, and send! totally not illegal!!!

gal, send me nudes please xx.

by i'm_hilarious April 12, 2019

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