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Unrelenting, someone who never gives up. Ceaseless.

Note: in no way related to a certain Erich who in fact notably fails at persistence.

Erich, being persistent is not your forte. You give in too easily.

by Never Gives Up April 18, 2011

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Matt H. A person who is very unwilling to fail

"Matt H., If I were to look up persistent in the dictionary I would find your name!"

by Matt Y. H January 16, 2008

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The act of continuing to pursue a someone even after being blown off multiple times.

I hope that dude's persistence pays off and Miss McDonald goes out with him.

by i.m. urbanized January 28, 2016

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the act of continuing to chase a female interest. not giving up. the pursuit of a female "dime" even after multiple rejections.

after 3 years, that dude's persistence finally paid off with miss mcdonald. he wore her down and now she iloves the "mantention" he gives her. boom !!

by i.m. urbanized January 15, 2017


relentless. the act of continuing to pursue a goal after many failed attempts.

that dude sure must like miss mcdonald. he keeps going after her even after being blown off multiple times. i hope his persistence eventually pays off !!

by i.m. urbanized January 30, 2016

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continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

"rain will persistently affect many areas"

by Benter October 8, 2013

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Same as persistence, but for people that can´t spell.

Message-Persistance is where I store my messages.

by PatteDaKing September 19, 2019