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The anus.

Kathy's got a tight pucker.

by Deep blue 2012 April 23, 2010

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Scared (enough that your butt cheeks tense up and your asshole puckers).

Your driving is making me puckered.

by Christopher Benson July 11, 2008

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Slang word used in the uk meaning great or good. often used by the chef jamie oliver.

this potatoes will be pucker

by kjellsor June 10, 2004

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The wrinkles on the edge of your asshole

When you shave your ass-crack, I can see your puckers

by Ryan June 24, 2004

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(v.) A state where the rim of the rectum contracts and causes imbalance and partial blindness. This is often followed by the massive power-trips and the collision of body to ground. Recent studies done by scientist Nathan baily have shown this disorder is 1000% more likely in power-tripping, middle aged, bald, stealers fans.

Herold Gifferd, AKA "Giffy Gou" states, "I was just cutting wood on top of a hill and all the sudden i heard someone shout for me and i ran down to introduce myself. Was running down the hill and i started the phrase"MY NAME IS HEEERRROOLLLL......" and then and their it happend i puckerd.... i felt my rectum tighten and a flash of pain shot up my blader. It felt as if my recutum tightend on a thousand pieces of glass. I went down like a sack of fat shit (o wait i am one). It took months to recover but with proper medication and diligece i will overcome my disorder

by Cowboy13 September 12, 2012

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When you have an irresistible urge to suck something.

Tammy would not relax her puckeritis has come back.

by Sgt. Nickels July 25, 2017

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Pucker = asshole. An asshole will often tighten up- or pucker up - when something important happens. Any event, good or bad, business or pleasure can cause one's asshole to pucker. When my asshole is all puckered up, it is closed real tight - like a fortress.

My asshole got all puckered up the other day when I won a major sales contract !

by WET CARGO BOY March 19, 2006

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