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short for situation, like in "sitch-e-ation"

What's the sitch?
We need to figure this sitch out.

by sexypizza January 28, 2003

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Abbreviated form of Siciliano, also an insulting synonym sor dishonesty or moochiness.

I can't believe that signora Caccese took all the mints from the bowl, whadda Sitch move!

by primazenobi July 11, 2008

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A situation or predicament.

I got myself into a really bad sitch with that phone call.

by pentozali March 28, 2008

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another word for situation.

we're in a really bad sitch.

by romanticheroine April 10, 2008

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it's a combination of the two words 'sick and bitch' with 'sick' referring to a positive situation.

Super sitch bro!
Bro- that girl's ass is so sitch.
Dude, we got in to the club without paying cover. Sitch brah!

by Akizzle11 February 12, 2008

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Used in Kim possible

"What's the sitch?" -Kim Possible

by Choco Tunda March 4, 2017

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Situation = Sitch

This was the word they used in the iCarly ad on Nickelodeon through-out 2014

What's the sitch?
My older sister got pecked to death by ducks!
That sitch was in a movie.

by Awesome_One_ April 11, 2015

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