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a time when you can be whoever you want to be. most of your time is spent outside in the sun, probably in a pool or at the beach. its all about parties, hot guys, and taking chances. summertime is the best time of your life.

It's finally summertime- lets party nukka!

by Bowchickawowow June 17, 2008

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The period of time that passes from Memorial Day weekend (May) until Labor Day (September). During this time period is when the beach is full of people and generally a great place to be, and the best time to go to the swimming pool, drink alcohol, and BBQ.

During the summertime, I like to get drunk and have casual sex with girls in bikinis.

by TexasNative August 23, 2014

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The correct answer to the question "What time is it?".

What time is it?
It's our vacation
What time is it?
Party time
That's right, say it loud - High School Musical 2.

by Citronic November 14, 2007

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When one has to bring a parka inside every building because the thermostats are set to 'winter.'

I had to dress like an Eskimo in Starbucks today; it must be summertime!

by Aegeis May 22, 2012

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summertime sadness

1.) A state of mind where one mourns the loss of the freedoms and/or temporary relationships of summer.

2.) This song is sung by Lana Del Rey

Scenario 1:

Girl (with her head against the window)

Friend: "what's the matter? You've been like this since September."

Girl: "I don't know... I guess I just have that summertime sadness."

Friend: "I know what you mean: I wasted mine, too, and I wish I could get it back."

Scenario 2:

I got that summertime,
Summertime sadness.
Summertime sadness.
I got that summertime,
Summertime sadness,
Oh, oh-oh-oh oh-h...

by The Quiz-Trivian-Naire October 21, 2013

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Summertime Sac

When your scrotum stretches out due to summer time weather. A tell tale sign of Summertime Sac is the need for a paint scraper to remove your satchel from your inner thigh.

Man I got the craziest Summertime Sac right now, I almost sat on my own balls !

by John Detlor March 13, 2009

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Summertime Blues

The realization that summer is coming closer to an end. During the last week of Summer you try and cram everything from the list in, but most likely miss. Often Summertime Blues occur during the days preceding labor day, and as such mark a saddening time on a persons' life - this is because after labor day basically summer is over. Everyone after labor day returns to their prior engagements such as work or school. As we know, summer is the best season because you can do nearly everything and nothing. There is no official cure for the summer time blues, as it's inevitable.

The only way to temporarily mark the occasion is to party hard on the night of labor day, and try to cram some things from the summer list in. Also re-enacting something you did to kick-off summer helps or you can just reassure yourself that next summer is coming soon.

Also generally the only people who like going back to school during this time have had very bad summers - they did nothing, so they're summer haters. It's like being a gay kid in a hick town that you have to go to in the summer or a hardcore gamer whose had nothing or no one to go outside and play with, they can't wait for it to be over.

R.I.P. Summer of 08

Jim: What's wrong?

Frank: It's. It's Summer you know?

Jim: What?

Frank: Well it's basically over and-

Jim: And you got the Summertime blues.

Frank: Yeah.

by Jimblorath September 3, 2008

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