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the pile

A pile of mundane but indispensable items that often builds up in a certain spot of a room/apartment/etc, such as the tchotchkes piling up on a desk/dresser, a pile of laundry (both dirty and clean), or a pile of boxes that exist when moving between 2 or more places in a short period of time. It is worth noting that these piles, although manageable, are often really hard to remove completely, especially as they are quick to build up again, quite commonly in different places.

a variation of this term is the "college pile" which is essentially a pile of boxes, luggage, etc that piles up at a person's home before or after moving between college dorms/apts

hey found this random book light on your desk?
throw it on the pile!

hey there's a box of books here?
the college pile!

by UM North Quad August 19, 2011

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Pile On

When everyone jumps on top of one unfortunate soul, they 'pile on'.
The much less wimpy sounding version of bundle.

'Look, Chris is asleep. Pile on!'

by Kurt H October 18, 2005

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Piling it on

When you have to take an emergency poop, but all the toilets are already clogged and you go anyway.

I stopped at a rest stop on the interstate and the toilets were full of poo, so I got stuck piling it on.

by Jake2z June 5, 2011

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anything that is a piece of shit, somthing that crappy,old or broken..

Dude your car is a pile. (meaning your car is a piece of shit)Can even mean a person who is lazy or just a waste of life)

by jon February 20, 2005

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Pile On

That guy who is an awkward addition to any conversation, plan etc.

"Why was Joshua with us at dinner the other day?"
"I know right? He invited himself to our plans at the last moment."
"How awkward, especially after what he said to Kate last week! Such a pile on!"

by Penkash November 15, 2016

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The itching sensation felt in the rectal cavity.

. Sitting on a radiator or dildo for long periods of time, causes this itchy medical complaint. "I would purchase one of the many effective pile creams, for soothing relief. But i'm quite thrilled by the burning sensation similar to that of a hot fish finger shoved up my arse" chuckled Julien

by James November 11, 2003

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To sit on the couch in semi darkness for hours on end, ordering food, consuming various and sundry pills, avioding all cell phone calls, while being in a state of semi dress and watching massive amounts of TV (if one can retain consiousness).

Bob hasn't come out of his apartment in two days, what a pile.

by Dan Reeves January 10, 2006

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