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to the left

From Beyonce's "Irreplaceable",

1.) Dismissed, dumped, broke off

2.) "Step aside," as in when a person is dumped: means to get out of one's face and life so that a new partner can be established.

3.) Indicating where the door is located, even if it is not actually located to the left -- "To the left" indicates that your exit is expected right fucking now.

BF: Baby, it wasn't me with that girl!
GF: Ain't got time for your excuses, playa.... to the left.

by Sugarfoot December 2, 2006

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to the left

an expression Beyonce uses in her song "Irreplaceable" (written by NeYo) meaning homeboy can get his stuff, put it in a box, and leave. This signals the end of a relationship and that the man should pack everything he owns in a box and move to the left, out the door. Neyo described this expression to Tyra on the Tyra Banks show.

"To the left, to the left, everything you own in a box to the left"

by Sabbycakes January 21, 2007

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to the left

the universal order of passing a joint, a blunt or a bong when smoking weed

pass the doobie to the left biddy bum bum boom

Nigga 1: This is the first time I'm gonna smoke weed
Nigga 2: It's two hits then you pass it to the left
Nigga 1: I always knew that nigga

by DrunknMonkey January 8, 2009

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to the left

to describe when your more progressive (or liberal) than someone on the political spectrum

Noam Chomsky is to the left of Bill O'Reilly

by quiksilver2007 January 31, 2007

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to the left

also used in the song "leavin'" by jesse mccartney. maybe he used it as a nod to beyonce

find the "leavin" lyrics...."to the left" is there

by amamamnet March 29, 2009

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to the left

From Beyoncé's hit song irreplaceable

To the left is a reference to the fact that woman have no rights

Zach: why does Beyoncé say to the left?
Susan B. Anthony: Because woman have no rights

by LastNightsBenji December 31, 2015

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To the left, to the left

A: A phrase that one says when they are ridding in a car and tell the person driving to take a LEFT, but they do not pay attention.

B: An annoying, but catchy phrase, in the song “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce. The use of this phrase does create a quandary, however. Does she want me to put my stuff in the box to her “LEFT” or my “LEFT”, which would actually be her "RIGHT"?

Yo homeslice, you need to take the next left G. To the LEFT, to the LEFT!!!

Bf: I don’t want to leave you baby!
Beyonce: To the LEFT, to the LEFT. Everything you own in the box to the LEFT!

by ES-dawg February 27, 2007

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