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antagonistic, provocative, out of order

a "wide cunt" is one who would push the normal definitions of polite intrapersonal behaviour, in order to provoke a reaction.

"Your mother may be described as a sexually promiscuous woman, one blessed niether with good manners nor good looks"

"fuck off you wide cunt."

by marka March 9, 2005

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Someone or something that is annoying, irritating, stupid, or uncalled for.

Dude1: Yeah, so I hit her in the face with a baseball bat.

Dude2: That was pretty wide of you, man.

by Chakitten November 14, 2003

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to be in the know about something. as in the expression "gates wide".

"are ya wide Shayno?" "yeah Bego, gates wide"

by tuam sham October 24, 2003

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the 'ok bet' of the future, coined by @felixbenjamins on TikTok.

-"bro did you get me the coffee i asked you for"
-"ok, wide"

by slutswitnuts December 18, 2020

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wide on

The female equivalent to a male hard on. The woman's vagina swells up until it resembles a tazered, twitching piece of liver, and the man can enjoy a snug, responsive ride, much like a European Sports car that looks like the organ of a cow.

In due time, she had achieved a wide on. Fortunately Bert was finished before his ass cheeks collapsed.

by Pantaloon January 9, 2008

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Wide on

A female equivalent to a hard-on. When experiencing intense erotic excitement, a lady's vaginal cavity expands to allow entry of penis/fist/vegetable etc. This causes a 'gap' that needs to be filled: a wide on. It is arguable that gay men can also experience an 'anal wide-on', which of course suggests that certain women could experience a 'double wide-on'.

Ooh that Brad Pitt's a real dish. He really gives me a WIDE ON!

by Matt Hayward March 13, 2003

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The distaff term for the male 'hard on.'

(1)Sexual:She really has a wide-on for that guy.
(2)Dislike:She sure has a wide-on for her co workers.

by ron west January 6, 2005

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