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A person who, upon growing up, will have an obese wife, lousy job, a shitty house, fat kids and a crap car. This person will also, most likely, have a receding hairline, bad gas and flabbitis. In general, an inkerhave has no future to look forward to and no past to brag about.

That fat man in the Dodge Omni with the racing stripe is an inkerhave.

by fs900 April 1, 2008



worldwidemr is a segsy mf

by turtleboynine March 19, 2021


A ginger teaches anorexic prick who's never kissed a girl

Person: hi Craig you had your first kiss

Craig:fuck off you fat fuck I've got ginger teeth

by Ginger teeth May 28, 2019

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Tyson Steel

maddest most sick cunt to ever walk this universe, if you ever meet him you will explode form the sheer awesomeness that is Tyson Steel, you will instantly cum in your pants

"how'd your bother die?"
"he looked at Tyson Steel in the dough theater"

by big fruit May 2, 2018

Alieni Ite Domum

Latin phrase meaning "strangers go home".

Alieni Ite Domum is not a racist phrase by itself, since it doesn't really define the term "stranger".

by Sexydimma October 18, 2016

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A guy that loves to take risks more of a daredevil,nice to everyone close to him,loves to be a troublemaker at times,jokes n fool around,handsome as well as smart,also like to be called hazard.

Damn,can't anyone resist dhayanand because he's so so legendary.

by Dinash June 7, 2021


People do not understand her feelings and they are always tring to be horrible to me and and im so sad

by Anonymous October 15, 2003

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