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Be fucking for real. Be serious, be real. You can use it in every sentence.

kawaiimeowy: "I use vore/voreself neopronouns! /srs /gen/ lh /nm"
sheluvscalli: "bffr"

by alexswift October 20, 2022

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Fruit marm

A Hollowknight youtuber that makes some cool animations

P1:Hey have you heard of that one animation I think it was called “Honey I’m home”? I think it was made of a youtuber called Fruit marm

P2:Oh yeah I heard of that it looked pretty cool

by A Cringe mf January 14, 2021


The biggest hoe you will ever meet

Cadence is sucking dick on the daily

by Stupidhoeinmyphone May 9, 2019

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A black person who goes along with goverment psyops, establishment narratives, and believes the stuff they see on TV and hear in music.

I saw a group of shines fighting over Popeyes Chicken sandwiches.

The shines looted every store, but the bookstore.

The shine really thought Biden would solve all their problems.

by BigBadBurger October 14, 2021


Ruhed is a old arabic name meaning al- over powering. The name Ruhed is a beautiful name. It is often used to describe God.

Abdal Ruhed meaning slave of the all over powering.

by FoxyGamer21 October 30, 2020


Camden are top quality looking dudes. However, their pride is an issue, way too high for their britches. Think they are way better then they actually are. SUPER GOOD at dancing and making people laugh. Can't take a joke even though he makes jokes about other people. Has air balled about every shot in basketball & in pulling females. LOVES FARTS AND BACON.

Have you seen that new camden hit.

Oh my god its camden

by 123udumbie December 12, 2020

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being cool, having clout, being a hoss or anything relating to being lit.

Hey that's a cribbi game. You're a cribbi guy. This game is cribbi

by CLOUT WORD September 5, 2018